USCG NVIC 02-14 Grandfathering Policy STCW 2010

NVIC 02-14 provides  mariners with the transitional provision guidance for National endorsements and Approved Training.


a. This Enclosure includes information on transitional and grandfathering provisions applicable to national endorsements.

b. Revisions to 46 CFR Subchapter B included amendments to the requirements for national endorsements (78 FR 77796, December 24, 2013). Some changes added flexibilities to facilitate compliance with the requirements, others clarified existing requirements, and others added new requirements.

c. In general, to facilitate full implementation of the regulatory changes, the national endorsement provisions in the rule will be phased in during the 5-year period after March 24, 2014, which is the effective date of the final rule. During this period, certain mariners may qualify for endorsements under the regulations in place before March 24, 2014. However, if a mariner chooses to use the new requirements, he or she will need to meet all of the new requirements for the specific endorsement sought, unless otherwise stated in this enclosure. If a mariner who is eligible to qualify under the old regulations does not express a desire to qualify for an endorsement under the new regulations, they will be evaluated under the regulations in effect before March 24, 2014. An exception is that the Coast Guard intends to implement new sea service requirements for all mariners beginning on March 24, 2014. As all of the changes to sea service requirements expand the type of service that is acceptable, the Coast Guard will apply these new, more favorable, service requirements to all mariners.

d. A mariner who started approved or accepted training or seagoing service before March 24, 2014, and is applying for his or her first raise of grade or original credential after March 24, 2014, may qualify under the regulations in place before March 24, 2014, provided that application is made before March 24, 2019. A mariner seeking a credential based on approved or accepted training or seagoing service started on or after March 24, 2014, or who applies for an MMC endorsement on or after March 24, 2019, must meet the requirements of these new regulations. A mariner will be considered to have started service on the first day of their service that meets the requirements for the endorsement for which they have applied. Training is considered to have started on the first day of a period of training used to qualify for an endorsement.

e. Changes in terminology for national endorsements will be made at the first credential transaction following March 24, 2014.

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